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At God’s Love we sponsor a variety of collections throughout the year. Here are some examples of these collections.

Back-to-School Collection

Each August, members of our congregation purchase new school supplies for needy local children.  Our school supply collection includes durable goods such as backpacks, calculators, and combination locks.  We also collect other start-up supplies including pencils and pens, markers, scissors, notebooks, and glue sticks.  The local food pantries and school district nurses, who distribute the supplies are always grateful for our donations.

St. Nicholas Day

Each year local organizations provide God’s Love with lists of gift ideas for their clients/patients.  Individuals and families of the congregation purchase the specific items; wrap them; and return them to the altar on St. Nicholas Day (usually the first Sunday in December).  Approximately 200 wishes are fulfilled and distributed to a half dozen locations, including schools and other human service organizations.

We love this opportunity to spread the Christmas spirit with others!

Hospital Cheer Boxes

God’s Love partenered with St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church to make Hospital Cheer Boxes. In January, we collected items to make boxes for children in the hospital which were brought to the altar for a blessing on the last Sunday of the month. Then, we assembled over 100 cheer boxes at St. Stephen’s (65 East Street Rd., Feasterville)  in early February. These (click here) were items we put in the boxes.

    Aid for Friends

Thanks to the participation of more than 40 individuals, families, ministries and church groups our congregation provided 2,563 meals to Aid For Friends in 2013.  These frozen meals and breakfast bags were delivered to the AFF headquarters in Philadelphia each month.

The goal of the Aid For Friends organization is to provide 2,200+ frail and elderly clients with one meal each day at no cost to the recipient. This is a major task and our congregation is happy to participate in this effort. If you would like to help, you can join us at one of our monthly cook-ins, or you may pick up empty trays from the Commons area and make meals at home. Meals made at home should be placed in a tray, covered with aluminum foil with contents clearly identified and frozen as soon as possible. Please bring those meals to church where they can be placed in the AFF freezer in the large kitchen.

    Red Cross Blood Drive

God’s Love hosts three blood drives per year. During the year 2013, there were a total of 97 successful blood donations. This equates to helping a total of 291 people in need of blood. The American Red Cross awarded God’s Love Church with a certificate of appreciation for the blood drive in December 2009 for reaching 112.5% of our goal! See American Red Cross for details about donating blood. This effort is coordinated by Nancy Seuffert and Kathy Bauer.


    Third World Down the Street


“The Third World Down the Street” is a joint project between Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod and the Seminarians Action Alert Network (S.A.A.N.) of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia – and congregations like ours. While we are often aware of the great need of people in countries across the world, many of us don’t realize that, across the our local region, people are living in third world conditions. Homelessness is often hidden and does not always look like we expect. Some of the fastest growing groups of homeless people are youth, young adults, and families.

In March, we collected items (chapstick, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, razor, sanitary napkins, socks, gloves, hand sanitizers, wipes, snacks) and assembled more than 100 bags on April 2!









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